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Real Estate Web Design & SEO Company MN

At Glomote, we know real estate, and we understand how hard you work to be the best in your industry. It’s our job to make sure your website provides peak performance and a significant return on your investment. We know how to promote your business to your target demographic, whether it’s local, national or even global.

Whether you are starting a new company and need an alluring web presence, revising your current website, or want another opinion on the effectiveness of your site, we are well equipped to help you uncover all the advantages that a professionally-designed site can offer. We will create and coordinate the tools necessary to market your services and professional skills via the wonderful world of digital marketing. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Our team of experienced real estate web designers, developers and marketers will listen to your story, your vision and your objectives. To create a website designed to reach your ideal clients, we’ll take the time to understand your needs and your target market to identify strategies that will help you reach your goals.

A successful website must be fast, responsive on all devices, and run a smart search engine optimization (SEO) campaign so it can be found easily and prominently. For this to happen, it must rank well on search engines like Google.com and Bing.com. Once the site is launched, we can monitor performance and make recommendations based on real data for minor adjustments to your marketing campaign that will produce better results.

As importantly, your website must engage the viewer with simplicity and style. It must be easy to navigate and easy to search. All features must function properly and consistently. We will highlight your colors and branding, or create new designs, logos and tag lines to intensify your message with clarity.  We’ve all seen websites that are frustrating and annoying, and that’s an outcome you want to avoid. A professional website should provide an appealing and persuasive experience that will keep viewers on the site longer and give them reason to return frequently for more information.

Our team is mindful of the reasons people are searching for real estate information, and we will promote your services as comprehensively as possible. We highlight your expertise, credentials, honors and achievements, as well as your knowledge of the process and market trends. We spotlight powerful testimonials and let your personality surface to garner the confidence you deserve.

We will make certain that your site is a focal point for everything important to your clients. There will be easy access to all of your listings, displayed prominently, with comprehensive data, images and links. There will also be opportunity for “shopping” on the MLS site to view a wide-reach of national listings, as well as community information that is important to their decision. We’ll show you how to provide data and guides in FAQs and blogs to help make it a smooth transaction and transition. We know that it’s important to you that clients receive quality information, confident guidance and a painless passage to ownership or completed sale.

We also offer optional packages to suit your appetite for maintaining your website or preferring to have maintenance managed by our staff. We provide training on how to perform regular maintenance and make minor changes as needed, or we can manage the entire process, including routine adjustments, refreshed content, and updates of listings and information.

To promote your real estate business professionally and effectively, call Glomote at (507) 581-9451 to arrange a consultation that will initiate an online marketing plan best suited for your continued growth and success. We’re here to make a difference in your business and your bottom line. Our talented real estate web development and marketing team can help you achieve a competitive advantage and an excellent return on your investment.